Group Therapy

Group Therapists in Greater London

Group therapy is a great alternative to individual counselling. A group of people is an ideal place to explore problems and receive multiple perspectives from other who are experiencing the same feelings and thoughts. Not only do you receive an outsider perspective, but you can learn from the experiences of others. We have three centers for group therapy which are located in Central London, Woolwich, and Upminster.

By allowing yourself to be in a group situation you will be able to interact and engage with others in a therapeutic manner. A group is a safe environment for individuals to express themselves and members work together to establish a level of trust which will then enable each other to talk on a trusting and personal level.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Promotes Support

The biggest benefit of group therapy is that not only do you give your support to others, but they help you as well. Members of a group are encouraged to turn to each other for support and feedback. It allows you to engage with others which help you feel less isolated.

Be More Aware

By being in a group situation, you become more aware of your own feelings and discover the need for expressing them. Not only will you gain the understanding of why you experience certain feelings, but you will notice how others around you are expressing themselves. Groups also give you the opportunity to see how your problems relate to others. It also helps you discover healthier coping mechanisms by learning from others’ experiences.

Personal Development Workshops

Life is full of challenges that can have a negative impact on the way you feel about yourself. Maybe you feel like there is no way out or you believe your life can’t get any better; that you can’t progress. Our personal development workshops are designed to help you overcome your fears and motivate you to help you grow. To find out more about our enriching workshops, get in touch here.